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Originally Posted by smashingjj View Post
I'm 28 years old. I live with my girlfriend in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a masters degree in 'Modern Psychology', but I'm currently studying the Swedish law part-time. On average I make approximately 51000 each year. I play in two bands, one is a fusion of pop and jazz, and the other one is a straight out alt rock project. I've listened to the Pumpkins since I was 13, and never stopped listening. I am very open minded about things, but cannot understand all the cynicism on these threads. Are people here really that locked up in themselves? Are they that lonely, that miserable?
given you are seal in a room with rising water and there is only one door to access with heavy lock. the key is on other side of the room and there are two paths to reach. on which one path you must stick your penis into a hive of army ants for five minutes, and on the other path you must consume a bucket of dog vomit. if you fail either testing you automatically drown. which do you choose

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