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In terms of artists receiving a living wage from others enjoying their music, I think Spotify makes that less likely, so there will be less musicians and more full time hospitality staff I guess.

I never liked Spotify anyway, but when I saw Joanna Newsom talking to Larry King about it, I became firmly convicted that a reduction in profit, in the music industry, will affect musicians first.

People never want to pay for music anyway. Itís not just pop or country - itís jazz and classical, too. Where once people would have booked an ensemble or quartet for a party, I think theyíre more likely now to just pick a Spotify playlist and spend the music money on getting a $400 bespoke cake.

Thatís great, if thatís whatís in, this year, but musical performance skills are expensive to acquire in terms of both money and time. And they need to be passed on from one generation to another. If people get into the habit of interacting with music by having whatever they want to listen to, at their fingertips, and being able to change it instantaneously according to their whims, the future of live performances will suffer too, I think. And once those skills are gone, theyíre gone. Itís a shame.

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