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Originally Posted by dreams of glass View Post
Is there a higher quality copy of this?

probably the same vhs-m source, but i guess less compression:
Smashing Pumpkins
1998-06-04 FNAC rooftop, Paris, FR [PRO]

Lineage is (95% sure)
VHS-M>PC(.vob+menus)>DVD1 (PAL)
master-------------->1st copy


* To Sheila
* Ava Adore
* Daphne Descends
* Once Upon a Time
* Tear
* Perfect
* Blank Page
* Shame
* For Martha

I got this the 4th of June 2005, so seven years after the gig!
There's a little story about this DVD:
A French guy in Paris came to the FNAC after the concert and asked a salesman if there was a tape of the concert as it had been filmed. He was lended the VHS-M and made a copy of it, and gave back the copy to the salesman then he transferred it to DVD and spread it among the French SP community... thx to him !

This DVD was authored by The Dreamer & Nonocop

Seeded on ZOMB by Cecticide

Some infos here:
You can now set this recording as Surfaced !

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