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Default Fred Durst: nu metal kingpin

Check out this message Durst left on the answering machine of the singer of Taproot. So basically Durst was like the kingpin of the nu metal scene trying to use his power to blacklist people.

"Hey man, you fucked up. You don't ever bite the hand that feeds in this business, bro . . . Took you under my wing, brought you to my house, talked about you on FM radio and in the press, and you embarrassed me and the Interscope family. Your association with Limp Bizkit doesn't exist. Your manager slings our name around, he's going to be blackballed and probably erased, and you will, too. You need to be associated with someone, and now you got enemies. You just fucked yourself. Don't fucking show up at my shows. If you do, you're gonna be fucked. You're learning exactly right now how to ruin your career. All the luck, brother, fuck you." (The message left by Fred Durst on Stephen Richards' answering machine)

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