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You're missing the crucial point in the story where shit hits the fan with June and the band plays its final show

This resulting Machinas tracklist is the result of over 14 years of off and on research. I've finally gotten it to the point where I feel it's worth sharing. Based off of official documents.

Act I

1. If There Is A God (full band)
2. Imploding Voice
3. Wound
4. Stand Inside Your Love
5. Real Love
6. Try, Try Try
7. Raindrops + Sunshowers
8. The Sacred and Profane
9. Vanity
10. let me give the world to you

Act II

1. Glass
2. Cash Car Star
3. Heavy Metal Machine
4. Dross
5. This Time
6. Glass and the Ghost Children
7. Go
8. Speed Kills
9. In My Body
10. Saturnine


1. Blue Skies Bring Tears
2. I Of The Mourning
3. Everlasting Gaze
4. White Spyder
5. Lucky 13
6. Crying Tree of Mercury
7. Home
8. Slow Dawn
9. Atom Bomb
10. With Every Light
11. Age of Innocence

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