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Cool Three Disc Machina

After years of digesting the lyrics on and off, one day after listening to sln's GATMOG compilation a lot of it kinda 'clicked' for me so I decided to take a whack at structuring it into an explicitly plot-oriented way that makes sense, in what i think may be its supposed full rock opera form using:

1 - Billy's chart
2 - His vague plot summary
3 - A lot of white wine to soldier through.

Billy probably wrote way too much material. I wouldn't expect the 'double-album' reissue to contain everything here, obviously but I think I'm pretty close to his intended running order in terms of how the story's supposed to go. Call this a bloated extended cut of sorts. I'll try my best to back up what I've placed where if asked, I did this in pieces with extensive notes.

Disc 1:

01. Glass' Theme (Intro)
02. The Imploding Voice (Glass gets his mission from the Eye/Radio)
03. Cash Car Star (GATMOG sets out on tour)
04. Stand Inside Your Love (Glass meets June)
05. The Sacred And Profane (Glass enjoys the hedonism June brings into his life and the adulation of his fans)
06. Real Love (Glass starts questioning how it's possible to balance his mission as a holy man while simultaneously enjoying getting laid)
07. Glass + The Ghost Children (Glass discovers June zonked out on heroin)
08. Innosence (Glass starts getting all sanctimonious and messiah-complexy about June's drug problems)
09. Raindrops + Sunshowers (She distances herself from him and their relationship starts disintegrating)
10. Let Me Give The World To You (Glass tells June to get with the program and quit the drugs)
11. Vanity (Glass tries to cut June out of his life)

Disc 2:

01. White Spyder (The GATMOG album sells poorly, Glass starts to lose it, vacillates between wanting to ask for her back or not)
02. Lucky 13 (He gets in contact with her again, she gives him shit about being sanctimonious, starting an argument)
03. Dross (Argument continues)
04. Go (Final breakup)
05. Speed Kills (June dies in a car crash)
06. Blue Skies Bring Tears (Glass has a nightmare about the end of the world before the concert the next night)
07. Heavy Metal Machine (Concert starts with Glass shitting on his fans)
08. The Crying Tree Of Mercury (continues expressing his misery and disappointment)
09. Wound (Starts railing at a god he no longer really believes exists)
10. Try, Try, Try (Summarizes the 'mission of love' Glass is supposed to be spreading with his band)
11. This Time (End of the final concert, band breaks up)

Disc 3:

01. The Everlasting Gaze (Glass lives in a warehouse alone, forgotten by the public, cursing the Voice/his god)
02. Saturnine (continues losing it, descends into depression)
03. In My Body (cracks and starts grieving)
04. I Of The Mourning (slowly heals, tries to come to terms with what the Voice is asking of him)
05. If There Is A God (tries to reconcile his faith)
06. Slow Dawn (watches people early in the morning, starts undergoing a spiritual change)
07. Home (realizes his mission is to be a wandering prophet, leaves the city)
08. Here's To The Atom Bomb (summary of his message as he starts preaching)
09. With Every Light (End)
10. Age Of Innocence (coda)

Another Machina mystery solved 4evr

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