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Originally posted by Sehki
Once again, logs are found to kick ass.

I can toss in your presumptions Dead, though if you verify them, all the better (about Ryan Patrick).

And also the Wave Song thing would be cool, cause Mouhelo remembered what happened, but not when, other than early November.
Well Ryan later confessed to a friend of mine that he was otm on the hub that night (Sept 28) sharing the mp3s.

[2002-09-28 23:39] I have mp3s shared. You can kick me if you want, but you might download them first.

He had: Godzilla, HKK, I'm Free, Jesus Loves His Babies, Opal-Worship, Where's Vince, STP, Bleed, and the WNUR interview in 192kbps.

I have no idea whether he put JLHB on Netphoria or not.

Wave Song was released in SHN on Oct. 31st.

Opal/Worship was put out the early morning of Nov 22.

Moleasskiss early morning on Dec. 2.

Then there was the ban.

Then there was the un-ban.

Then there were a few more tracks leaked gradually after that.

Dec 5: Where's Vince, I'm Free, Jesus Loves His Babies

Dec 6: Hello Kitty Kat, There It Goes, My Dahlia, Under Your Spell

I think that was the end of it until the 'full leak'. Oh, thats not including whatever tracks Mayfuck got out onto the hub post-Dec 6 when he tried to share the full thing. Looks like he showed up Dec 10.

There you go, the E! True Hollywood Story of leaked MP, all thanks to logs and me having too much time on my hands.

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