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Woah, thanks! Dutch translations, w00t.

Yeah, my style is a little informal. Heh. I've found myself getting marked down for that on research papers, but oh well. I think it makes really long things easier to read (though I try and crop it out of my research papers - I like passing, y'know).

Rens, great work on the Dutch translations, but damn you to hell for shooting down my Sept. 6th theory. You could probably try treble dropping (maybe bass...?) which would get rid of a lot of the ********** noise out, and you could probably do the reverse to bring out James' voice. I'll take it look at it today after I get my hair cut, see what I can do (do you think he might be asking Billy if they wanna play Silverfuck?).

As for the leak, I actually got some more ... correct information on how it went down, and the FAQ will be updated. Thanks to Mouhelo on that one.

Kumar, I'm gonna follow your leads on the shows that had already been available (check the google groups, eh?). Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Halteh... was the original date of Dave's FAQ correct? Sometime, late 90's? And when did Frekso attempt to complete it? 2000/2001?

Thanks to tha rest of ya'll as well... glad there's support for it, I was kind of worried. It'll take some time to do, but hey, it's still winter break for me.

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