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honestly you can tell the other trainees are horrified about the calls already, much more than I am. The questions are incredible, they're scared of putting people on hold ("I'd be mad if someone put me on hold!" that's because you are an entitled nitwit), asking for personal information ("That would make people angry!" i hardly think someone is going to get mad about asking for an address after someone just told you everything about their bowel cancer, and you helped them with whatever they needed), or my favorite "How often would you say X happens?" after any training module that has to do with anything unpleasant or deeply personal. i figure all of these girls will be quit after a few months. And will be in tears a lot.

My heart is dead, and black. And I know the void cares not for us. So the injust way insurance companies treat cancer patients does not even surprise me a little bit. People who don't "deserve" it die all the fucking time and ultimately, helping an impoverished person get a fucking ride to their chemo treatment and maybe even help them pay for it is going to outweigh any weird callers or conversations about erections.

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