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That's kinda my point though. In my mind, TBK has been every bit as middling as American Gothic was. (If anything, TBK has been damn near American Gothic II so far.) Yet, the reaction to TBK has been so much more pronounced in its negativity (not that AG got a positive response...more like "ehhhh"), and it just doesn't make sense to me.

But regardless, I don't see myself bending over backwards to tell everyone Astral Planes is good unless it's good. I didn't like the song played live (mainly because of Linda's vocals, which I usually like), so it would have to be a massive improvement to warm me up to it. If it's loud, raw, and the repetitiveness of the lyrics is dealt with..maybe it'll have a chance with me. But I fear it's gonna be drowned in bad sounding synth and be about 2 minutes too long.

Expectations my friend. When Bill promotes something as his greatest work since the 90s people aren't expecting some crappy folk/pop fodder and a new age hippy spaced out Feature in Rolling Stone.

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