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Hmm. I've never heard about the "variable power source" thing. Sounds cool. I'll look into that!

Some of these pedals have a "starve" knob that does the dying battery thing (similar to the "stab" on the Fuzz Factory, I think). But the variable power source sounds like it'd be really cool to try with my Muff or something when I get it.

Congrats on the Fuzz Factory. From the demos I've heard, those things are really versatile and great. The sort of thing I'd buy if I weren't so cheap. I love how you can get sorta retro classic clean-gated fuzz and octavey oscillating glitchy sustaining fuzz in the same box. Thing is crazy.

I've been looking at some of Devi Ever's pedals, too. Probably not in my price range, but it's still fun to browse. One interesting one was the LP, that I assume uses variable power to get that "skipping record" sound.

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