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"Boutique player"? What's that mean?

I can see how a lot of the milder fuzzes (like the Crush) would be achievable with a Big Muff (though the Noisemaker ones sounded less muddy to me), but I've never gotten the sort of crazy breakup I was hearing in the Donner Party and Super Arcade demos out of the Tone Wicker Big Muff I had (not that that's a criticism of it; it was and will probably still be my favorite pedal). I guess I've never tried driving it with an overdrive, as I've never used one, though. So perhaps you're right (in which case, thanks a lot for giving me post-purchase remorse, buddy).

Too bad I don't still have my Muff to compare them with. I just thought I'd experiment with other fuzzes, because there is a small chance I may get my old Muff back (long story), so I didn't want to buy a duplicate. But if it turns out I won't, I'll definitely re-purchase one down the line. I like all the Noisemaker ones for what they are, but they seem to be on the more treble-ish side, whereas the Muff goes down to the apocalyptic firepits of doom.

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