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Originally posted by Halteh:
The video is a solid 2 hrs of music. so the to answer your question: it's 10/31/89 and prolly another 15 songs on top of that. starting with I'm Free ("who" cover) and than going into some other songs i cant even remember. Off the top of my head I would say the video sources songs from six different concerts and includes one Pulse Cable song and the My Dahlia garage/basement rehersal. It has a clip of Billy and Bob at Geraldo and 2 Geraldo interviews with 2 serial killers (the title?) and some goodies at the end. Songs I remember off the top of my head: Sun, Spiteface, I'm Free, Venus in Furs, Jen Ever, I am One, Rhino, There it Goes, she, I think the Chrystal Ship and blah blah blah. Maybe one of these days if I get bored enough i will check it out.

One key thing I do recal, which I bet a lotta ppl who have seen the video have never noticed, is at one point they break into Oui Henri but the tape cuts and goes to a different song. I thought that was cool.

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