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Jeroen (Aagje)
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Originally posted by Smiley:
Or if anybody has any rumors, let's hear 'em.
IIRC, rumoured:
Jennifer Ever (live)
I'm Free (live)
The Crystal Ship (live)

My memory sucks.

The 15 tracks are separate from the 891031 show.

Be blissed

They pound pumpkins not out of malice or recreation, but because they savor the gourds' slippery, seedy innards, their gold-orange skins and their firm yellow flesh as well. And they are happily ignorant of all wordplay about pumpkins and rock bands.

Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris: All the pumpkins of the world cower in fear again, as another Halloween approaches. As always, they are destined to be culinarily transformed into grotesque icons of a pagan tradition. Their only hope was to steal all of Earth's candles and take them away to the distant pumpkin planet, Pumpkinia.