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Pmack> That Spiteface clip is from the 1989 video; the date is unknown because the whole tape is full of assorted clips.
Pmack> This 1989 video is also the source of the unknwn She that's circulating, as well as the My Dahlia rehearsal.
Pmack> Also the source of 10.31.89
See, if it's the same tape with 10/31/89, then that's 10 of the 15 songs right there. Unless the "15 songs" portion of the tape is separate from the concert. I guess that's the big question.

But whatever... let's see. Assuming 10 songs from that show... plus She, My Dahlia, and Spiteface. That only leaves two... not bad. I wonder if that cover of "I'm Free" by the Who is on there.

It seems like a lot of people don't really care about video bootlegs, so nobody ever talks about them. Like, everybody wants MP... but to me, I'd rather have some cool videos. There's the 1989 video, 4/23/99 video, FBS 1+2, and now I hear that there's a two-song promo video of the Marked?? Oh and isn't there a video of some S+P soundcheck? Come on people, let's gossip about leet videos... gossipping is what messageboards are for.

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