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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
oh i totally agree lol. i was just trying to answer the question

i'm not really taking anything right now. i mean my *goal* is basically just get a job that isn't shitty [and maybe make up the sunk cost of my previous schooling (yes i know what sunk cost is, that's why i sort of made a joke phrasing it like that)]. but i don't really even know, cause it's hard to imagine myself getting a real job ever due to my shitty self esteem, or something.

@**** this is week 1, this has absolutely nothing to do with programming and i have no fucking idea why they were asking it. the question was 'what was a time you had poor work ethic and what could you do to fix that'. there were a few coding questions after this
ah yes, i went back to community college at 29 so i was very rusty at maths math maths in which i'm already not very confident (i've learned to stop saying i'm bad at it as some excuse to not work at it) and got put in remedial classes that didn't even count for anything. we did similar frivolous crap assignments in a lot of my classes, too. i def appreciated the teachers who had higher expectations and didn't waste everyone's time with them.

some other assignments just insulted me. one english teacher has us go home and write 5 "quotation sandwiches" which means just means correctly inserting a quote within a small paragraph. i mean, 4th grade much?

i swear sometimes the impression of community college students is that they have no fucking life skills and maybe that's true for some, but kids in 4-year universities aren't paragons of intelligence and social skills either.

and y0 maybe this is just me, but let's leave high school in high school. 'hence' made me chuckle th0

*technically you can never recover or "make up" a sunk cost

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