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Originally Posted by ovary View Post
Took took a trip overseas with his dad.
Took took a walk on his trip, which was rad.
Took’s walk took him to a bright grocery store aisle,
Where he found a wine bottle labeled “road to denial.”
Sucking down the dark liquid right there in the store,
He thought, “Dad would love this. I’ll buy some more.”
Together they suckled from bacchus’s teat
Until they were pissing themselves in the street.
Father/son relations were never more secure,
But the hangover made seven days tough to endure.

Flopped o'er foreign toilet seat,
Hair in the bowl,
Took took shit after shit, tired burning asshole.

Posting on netpho was far from his mind,
As his dad stroked his back, a good man, so kind.
Meanwhile internet friends scampered round a dead board,
"Is Took safe, free, and living? oh Christ, please oh Lord!"
Now Took Fool returns, our Messiah, re-risen,
Released from his alcohol-soaked toilet prison.
Join me fellow posters, let us exclaim:
"Fool Took is back!" (with minor butt pain)

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