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Originally Posted by panda show View Post
well I respect everybody's right to their opinion, but it'd be nice of you to elaborate what is wrong. I presume you like 10K days, but how is it more of a musical progression from Lateralus than Lateralus is from Aenima?

I love all Tool albums, don't get me wrong, but I never thought they'd get into the rut of making albums that sound like the previous one. I always enjoyed the fact that they didn't shy away from changing and letting their sound evolve, I believe they themselves have asserted that kind of approach to their writing.
When they released 10K days I feared that they were getting into that teritorry of repetition and recycling, but it wasn't a bad album at all. I liked it, I just grew tired of it more over the years.

I've always kind of cringed at the thought of them releasing something that's just a total safe bet, makes me think of bands like Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam who've been doing that for decades.

But if you're fine with that, well that's great for you. I'm just saying how I feel about this album and whole direction they're going. It's definitely better for them to not experiment at this stage of their career, I'm just a bit sad about it.
I would say this is the most experimental album Tool has released, so.

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