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Originally Posted by Grox View Post
you guys know that Luna was in the first batch of songs written for SD, and debuted live in the summer of 1991, i.e. when he was dating Courtney?
Originally Posted by Grox View Post
Also keep in mind that the horrible suicidal depression BC always talked about that led to Today and Disarm was caused in large part by the enormous success of Nevermind compared to Gish, and by the fact that his ex-girlfriend had married and conceived a child with the biggest rock star in the world, and the messiah of the alternative nation that he always wanted to be and probably never imagined would get as big as it did. with regard to the depression that led to Today and Disarm, he talked a lot about how he "wanted to be a rock god" and failed at posing, so he wrote these open-hearted pop songs.
this goes beyond true and/or untrue fandom into just knowing too much about another person's life
i mean jeez he's just a guy who writes songs let him give his own account for fuck's sake

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