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erm, hi lads. so I hope this is the drunk thread, right?

so I've been drinking so much it's totally fucked my ability to drum. and that's the saddest fucking thing in the world - at least for me.

i'm watching Rocket @ Metro 93, realizing I can't play those parts anymore, and sobbing myself into the fucking ground.

I actually messaged Jimmy C on instagram, like, hey man, I'm really fucked and I wondered if you had any advice. He hasn't responded yet/if at all.

I've got Geek in the next tab as well. So that'll be a fun trip; I used to be able to jam these motherfuckers at 110 MPH just like the band....but I can't anymore. Ruby > By Starlight was nothing for me a year ago....but now it's such a struggle.

Sorry, I don't know why I'm posting this.

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