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Yeah she’s 10. From Wikipedia:

The original cover art for the album depicted a nude ten-year-old girl,[11] with a shattered glass effect obscuring her genitalia. The image was designed by Steffan Böhle,[12] who was then the product manager for the West German branch of RCA Records.[10] Francis Buchholz was the bassist for the band and, in an interview conducted in early 2007, recollects that the model depicted on the cover was either the daughter or the niece of the cover designer.[13] The photograph was taken by Michael von Gimbut.[14] The band's rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker offers the following description of the circumstances behind the album cover:

We didn't actually have the idea. It was the record company. The record company guys were like, "Even if we have to go to jail, there's no question that we'll release that." On the song "Virgin Killer", time is the virgin killer. But then, when we had to do the interviews about it, we said "Look, listen to the lyrics and then you'll know what we're talking about. We're using this only to get attention. That's what we do." Even the girl, when we met her fifteen years later, had no problem with the cover. Growing up in Europe, sexuality, of course not with children, was very normal. The lyrics really say it all. Time is the virgin killer. A kid comes into the world very naive, they lose that naiveness and then go into this life losing all of this getting into trouble. That was the basic idea about all of it.[2]

In a separate interview, Schenker also notes that he thought the cover art was a "great thing" and that he had "pushed the band to really stay behind it" as he felt that people would "think differently" when they looked at the lyrics and realized that the cover art was only being used as "a symbol of the lyrics".[15] In a 2008 interview, Schenker added "We would never again do something like this".[11] The band's former lead guitarist Uli Jon Roth notes that the cover art of the "old Scorpion albums" were "usually done by other people".[10] He has since expressed regret over the original album cover:

Looking at that picture today makes me cringe. It was done in the worst possible taste. Back then I was too immature to see that. Shame on me—I should have done everything in my power to stop it. The record company came up with the idea, I think. The lyrics incidentally were a take-off on Kiss, whom we had just supported on a tour. I was fooling around and played the riff of the song in the rehearsal room and spontaneously improvised 'cause he's a virgin killer!' trying to do a more or less way-off-the-mark Paul Stanley impersonation. Klaus immediately said 'that's great! You should do something with it.' Then I had the unenviable task of constructing a meaningful set of lyrics around the title, which I actually managed to do to some degree. But the song has a totally different meaning from what people would assume at first. Virgin Killer is none other than the demon of our time, the less compassionate side of the societies we live in today—brutally trampling upon the heart and soul of innocence.[16]

In 2008, photographer Michael von Gimbut emphasized that his wife, the model's mother and sister, and three female assistants had been present during the shooting and stated: "Back then, we loved and protected children and did not sleep with t****.[11]

The cover generated controversy: the album could only be sold sealed in black plastic in several countries[11] and the cover was replaced in some countries with an alternative cover art depicting the band members.[8] The original is named in various "worst album cover" lists: Cracked magazine online named it the No. 1 "Worst Album Cover of All-Time",[17] while lists it as No. 1 on its March 2008 "The 50 Most Controversial Album Covers of All Time!" list. Similarly, it was named by UGO Networks one of the "Weirdest Album Covers"[18] and placed No. 6 on the "All-Time Worst Album Covers" list made by magazine.[19]

This would not be the last time that the band attracted controversy with its album covers. Their next album, Taken by Force, originally featured cover art that depicted "children playing with guns at a military cemetery in France and some people found that offensive".[10] Their 1979 album Lovedrive featured a "bizarre artwork" that depicts "a woman on the back seat of a car with bubblegum over her breast".[8] Both covers were replaced by an alternative design.[20][21] Vocalist Klaus Meine explains that the band's penchant for controversial cover art stems from a desire "to go over the edge" and not "to offend some people or make the headlines [as] that would be stupid", contrasting guitarist Rudolf Schenker's earlier statement, "We're using this only to get attention."[1][2] In a 2010 interview Meine commented on the cover art again stating:

Back in those days [the 1970s] it was RCA, our record label then, went over the edge with Virgin Killer. Today when you think of child pornography on the net, you would never do something like that. We never did this in the sense of pornography, we did it in the sense of art. It is about the song and the label was pushing the idea because they wanted to get the controversy to help the album sale and you cannot get better promotion than that. Looking back from the band point of view it was never an album cover that we took home to our parents and said, "Look what we just released.." There was always mixed feelings about it and even 30 years later it caused a scandal at Wikipedia because the site for that album was blocked and even the FBI was getting involved. All of that after so many years, can you believe that?[22]

In August 2015, a court in Sweden said that it considered the album cover to be child pornography.[23]

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