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transcribing yesterday's lecture. on minute 36 out of 80. dude can talk. i can never be a professor, can't talk this much

look how exciting this all is:
[00:06:56] But, for now, injury that primarily affects the frontal lobes often will produce a variety of abnormal reflexes. And again, I think I mentioned that the abnormal reflexes are essentially regressions to or return to reflexes that were present when you were an infant that may have been adaptive back then. As the brain has myelinated and synaptically reorganized itself, these reflexes are overshadowed by the new synaptic organizations and the myelination of those connections and they begin to appear again in many frontal lobe syndromes. We talked about the grasp reflex, the snout reflex, sucking, rooting - these are basically important for infants to both hold on to their parent and to get nourishment from their parent. Palmomental reflexes, again, this word mental in anatomy have to do with the muscles on the side of the jaw, don't ask me how - why that is the case. But if you've ever taken a general physiology class, you know that. Uh, essentially what that is is the stimulation of the palm and usually, when they stimulate the palm what you're stimulating it with is kind of a rough but blunt object, you don't want to use something that's going to cut the person, um, but if you ever go to a neurologist they'll use a stylus that, that and - you know, you can feel is sort of like rubbing a key against it, but it's not going to, hopefully not hurt you. Um, there's actually a little device, [laughs] that they rarely use now, it's a spiked wheel. It's literally a little spiked wheel. And they use this to detect two-point discrimination, so they'll rub this along parts of your body and say "what do you feel?" and if you say "I feel a bunch of little points poking at me" that's normal. But, it looks like some medieval torture instrument so they, they probably don't use it anymore.

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