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Originally Posted by Virgo Thing View Post
I desire to use a four-track analog recorder, but I'm worried about the availability of cassette tapes to record, not to mention a functional four-track analog recorder I have to find. Tape is dead, isn't it?
Tapes are available, just a few dollars more expensive than what they were ten years ago.

I just bought a Tascam 424 for $40 on ebay yesterday.

Originally Posted by Pasta of Muppet View Post
What is the benefit in recording to tape, then transferring that to digital?

As opposed to recording straight to digital?
Soundquality. You get the analog sound in your initial recording, then once it's transfered to digital you are afforded the benefits of digital. So my own music is a hybrid of analog and digital--drums, bass and some guitar: analog; vocals and other things: digital. This is a common thing in pro studios: recording to tape then transfering to ProTools for mixing. You'd think you would lose the analog sound, but no really!

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