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Originally Posted by smashingjj View Post
I've posted the Boutros Bubba myspace so often that I'll do something different now. This is the solo project of the singer of my band: Spoelstra on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

He makes a song-based kind of electro and something that vaguely resembles country music.
Some of this stuff actually makes me uneasy, like listening to a Picasso painting or something, in a good way I mean. I'm probably going to have to listen again when I feel like being on edge.

I like where did that come from, and the vocals sound really nice, not sure how those are done. On the parts where it goes from D to I think C? I would've liked to hear a different chord, but of course that's one of the choices that distinguishes your own style.

Originally Posted by BlissedandGone2 View Post
holy shit, this is great.
Thanks a lot, appreciated

Originally Posted by wpc33 View Post
Mablak, your songs are great. They sound like a mix of Cocteau Twins, Flaming Lips & My Bloody Valentine members gelling well. The first track is the best, with the most personality and melody.

This is a parody album I recorded in 2001, which dates it, but it's funny. Parodies of Britney Spears, Blink 182, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Backstreet Boys, Dr. Dre, Nsync and Snoop Dogg.
Not to be taken seriously. ANy comments are appreciated, however, as my high school pipe dream doesn't like living in a vacuum. Download Jam Meister Josh - t.v. generation from - send big files the easy way
Thanks, I'll have to try Cocteau Twins and MBV again, I never gave them a full album listen really. I listened to your Britney song, but Weird Al-type parody just isn't my thing in general.

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