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Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
Yeah, I usually stuck around to get the most amounts of moons before moving on. Only place I didn't want to stick around any longer than necessary was the Luncheon Kingdom (haaated that place) but I got lost trying to find where to go at a point and got a bunch of hidden moons accidentaly before I found my way.

Hm there's a lot of cool outfits! I used the Builder Mario one, the caveman costume is kinda hilarious as well.

I really liked turning into goombas and making huge goomba stacks as well. But the best was turning into a hammer bros. and wiggling the controller to throw pans/fireballs mad quick.
Did you have a favorite transformation?
Yeah hammer bros is hard to beat but the two transformations that got me most to gigglin and a grinnin was these:

Really like stretchin its legs and goin "pop" and tumble/jumpin around

The hd rumble really shines with these inchworm thingies "tropical wigglers" apparently they're called; man i had a blast growin long with these, wavin my weird face around

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