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Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
Less talking about suicide, more committing.

Talk the talk, walk the walk.

Personally my life is shit but I've been of the opinion for years that i'd rather all the suffering with the tiny possibility things might get better someday (even if I don't really believe that) than the finality of ending it all and then well...having absolutely no chance things will get any better. Anyway I suspect a cancer will likely kill me by the time i'm like 45 (which is within ten years). I'm too bitter negative and stressed all the time for it to end any other way.
I hope things do improve for you and that you're able to keep up with your physical health as well and that you don't get cancer. Things can get better, that might not mean very much to you but it is possible.

Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
I stopped FB like 4 years ago (well it's out there but inactive). I'd barely been using it for about 2 years by then. As a result I do not have friends because if you're not keeping in contact online, you might as well not exist. People are overrated anyway. They have needs, wants, feelings and diverging opinions. All of which are pretty annoying.
Other people are annoying, but don't you miss/long for some kind of human interaction? I don't feel like I'll ever get married or have kids, but a really close friend would be nice. All of the ones I used to have, we live separate lives now because of what drugs did to our friendships. A few are tied into the whole psych ward world and unfortunately outside relationships have mostly failed, plus I'm not in that world anymore. So yeah, a nice friend would be cool. One who lives in the area.

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