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As I posted previously, though, Gore himself has stated that he will not run this time. But, of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I do, though, think that if he was even possibly considering running that he would have made an appearance at the DNC winter meeting. And while there is still 326 days until the first primary, he would have a lot of ground to make up - this is especially true because he no longer has a strong base of support in Iowa, he lost New Hampshire, and Nevada and South Carolina were not early, important states when he ran last time. While there's no doubt he has popularity and appeal, he needs to have those things in the first four states and he doesn't (but, again, there is of course time to build that - he is, though, already behind as the other candidates have been doing that for months now). He would also have to get away from his current image of being the environmental guy and show that he is about more issues than just global warming. I really don't think he is going to run.

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