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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
I want to get on stage and yell at people and create art and make a modest living off of it.

I don't care if I have to sleep in a van.
don't be silly, elphy. most people who try that don't succeed in making a modest living off of it. even if they're very good. sure, give it a go if this is what you'd want, but don't put all your eggs in that one basket.

how about you deal with the lack of control for a tiny bit longer? it's only temporary. if you think you can deal with being homeless, surely you can find a way to stand your parents just enough to get some more support from them. no?
or don't you care about going to school? is that not what you want to do?

most people your age don't like living at home and being dependent on their parents, but unless you see some way that is a bit better than living in your car, i wouldn't leave there just yet. i think you'll need something a bit more substantial than being a parttime bagboy to support yourself. not having any money or your own place to live doesn't really equal freedom. you end up with very little options, and will be forced to take up jobs you don't want, because you really need the money, etc.
at least you have the choice.

also keep in mind that you'll probably get along with your parents better once you've moved out. i mean, i don't know them or the situation, but if you don't have to live with them anymore, you'll probably end up hating them a lot less than you do now. it might be good to keep that in mind while you sit through the rest of the time at their place. you're through puberty now (i think), you can leave that baby attitude out of it. you're not fourteen anymore.

it's not ideal, but just hang in there, and it'll be all right in the end. just don't set yourself any unrealistic goals like "i need to win the lottery" or "i have to move out immediately even though i could never pay for that yet".

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