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depression doesn't have a price tag on it, but it can be and is a very large factor and burden for people with depression, not having money. life isn't fair. maybe going out and fending for yourself will give you some self worth. showing yourself you did something. i wasn't even referring to being white sheltered male... perspective just comes from living. a rich person does not have the perspective of the poor if they have not experienced it. a poor person does not have the perspective of a rich person being depressed because they can't get their heads around it, but it happens and does constantly. why are all our celebrities hooked on heroin and sad? they have legit reasons to feel whatever they feel. you can't force it on someone else and it really is a cyclical conversation of what depression is and who is allowed to have it and justifiably have it. everyone is allowed to have it, even your parents and your white privileged friends.

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