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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
Well, yes Elph. I am not ashamed and the reasonable part of me knows that I have a right Titel fall apart, too. It's just that people don't expect it, they have their own shit, I'd feel like I'd be letting them down if I dropped the functioning persona.
As for crying in public - not for me. Punk rock in my bones, I'd rather throw the table.

Boy exploding - 30.000?
Cheer me up, tell me what's there to get for that money that makes a fucking difference.

Well I might have exaggerated when i said it would fix everything. It would fix a very big thing though.. but now you're gonna make me talk about something i didn't want to talk about anymore cause it annoys everyone (with reason). Let's just say, i'd use it to make someone i love be legal in this country instead of them having no real official home.

P.s.: Everytime someone mentions my username it reminds me how much i hate it now. For one if nothing else, i'm definitely not a boy anymore. Still a great song though... Everywhere else since i've been known as Milk. I bet that's taken here anyway.

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