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I recently finished Dishonored. Officially a favourite game of mine, though the ending is very anticlimactic. Especially on a low-chaos run, the final enemy is no harder to incapacitate from behind than any generic henchman, and then all you have to do is open a damn door, and you're done.

Like, I don't understand why they gave actual boss fights in two random levels just prior to the final one, and then the last level is no harder and doesn't even stand out from the typical levels. The last level is actually amongst the least challenging.

Still, a very creative game that allows even more player choice and lateral thinking than games that are marketed as free-roam sandbox games. Looking at you, GTA games, that claim to let the player do anything, but show you a game-over screen as soon as the player deviates from the prescribed method of playing the level. Why can't more games be like Dishonored and MGSV?

Also BTW, why does the devil sound like a teenager in Dishonored? His voice actor doesn't really fit the character.

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