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Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
I never called myself moderate...liberal...or any other bullshit term. I never heard the term "sjw" until I came (back) to netphoria a few weeks ago. I was participating in a conversation someone else started about "sjw". I don't say I hate fox because that's what liberals are supposed to say. I say I hate it because I fucking hate it. not only do I think the 2nd amendment should be repealed, I think all guns should be illegal. ALL. is that going to happen, no. but I'm allowed my opinion. I also think usa should distribute wealth more like bernie sanders platformed for. where you and me differ is race, pure and simple. I do believe minorities have it less easy in this country than whites. but I don't believe its as bad as people like you think it is. I think more blame on the state of certain communites should lay at the feet of the people in those communitues and less on the "system". I watched my city burn because cops (white and black) got accused of causing the death of a black kid who'd been arrested 18 times before, before there was a shred of evidence. the city bends over backwards to help blacks and they still rioted for (in my opinion) a senseless reason. the millions of dollars that disproportionately go into the city vs the "white" parts of the state doesn't seem to help. and I know you disagree with that, fine. I haven't lived life in your shoes and you haven't lived life in mine. neither one of us are lawmakers, but I vote Democrat all the way. mostly because I hate republicans moreso than I like democrats. I fully support women's right to choose. I voted to pass same sex marriage in Maryland. I think religion is fucking stupid. male female transgender, do whatever makes you happy. you disagree with me about race, that's fine but please stop the negativity towards me. if not, back to blocktown u go. I attempted to exit all political conversations on this board but people love me and keep namedropping me so I don't want my fans to think I abandoned them
racists like you perpetuate the bad reputation of the Sanders wing as being basically the White protectionists

Sanders would disagree with you, however people like you risk losing him the primary again by association

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