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Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
I refuse to watch foxnews. they disgust me. sorry I don't put conservative agenda driven news pundits on a pedestal like you do or whatever twisted version of reality you're trying to apply. am I aware that they exist and spew out fake news (ironically fox news is the only major news network I would call fake) fucking right I am. go back to your pathetic hole and stop obsessing over me. we get it, I'm intriguing. BLOCKED.
The funny thing about "moderate" "liberals" like yourself is that you seem unaware of the conservative undercurrents in a lot of what you think and say. You hate Fox because it's what liberals do and that is how you identify, but meanwhile you repeat a lot of dumb stuff that comes straight from that sector of society (like unironically using SJW as an epithet, believing people fighting for equality are somehow out of control or over the line, shit like that). You may still be hungover from 70 years of post-War center-right neoliberal political consensus in the US, but it's time to get your ass out of bed, take some ibuprofen, and drink some water. The war is here, son.

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