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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
Sorry boys
fuck you. you lost, roughly 5 times, you "boy of your word."

Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
You guys can delete this shit if you'd like and i can start a new thread when its' ready.
delete how you lost? sure. right away.

Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post

my name is redbreegull and I'm back on the scene
but you may know me by the acronym for red blue and green
I got a cute little doggy and a kindness regime
and I was lurkin' on this board back in 2003
now fuzzy I know you started late in the game
but I would clue you in if you would turn on your brain
with your bootlicking ways and your racist behavior
you're like a right wing christian sans lord and savior
between you and I you will never come first
not when you're making vague come ons to yo soy the worst
so I'm dropping sick beats and they're directed your way
cause I'm MCIS and fool you're TGBK

now you whine and you moan don't wanna fight anymore
but you start it again why don't I show you the door?
you were gambling and broke and passed out drunk on the floor
back when I dropped my first post in 2004
now I'm spitting hot raps cause they're burning my mouth
you're just a dude who belongs in the slaveholding south
but if I crossed a line or if I made you feel bad
then just give me a minute I'm busy fuckin your dad
so I'm hoping the time that I took (LOL)
will convince to recheck your head is screwed on well
before you're like tom petty freefallin' in hell
to never let a man touch you with styling gel

so consider this to be my lesson in kindness
it doesn't mean niceties or racial blindness
it's inclusive only to those who don't hate
no one's humanity is up for your debate
that's the paradox of tolerance but so it goes
but you'll get by by buying vintage spaghettios
you still think prejudice and bigotry are good for a laugh
I know I'm six years old but son you FIVE AND A HALF
you wanna know the real difference 'tween you and me?
it ain't a high school diploma or a college degree
it ain't the cards you're missing from within your deck
it's your basic fundamental lack of respect
your disdain for knowledge and real education
perpetually stick you in your station
boy you're just a forklift drivin' ne'er-do-well
your soul is empty as the 49th parallel
not even a scholar of canine biology
your intellect is shorter than kimani's typology
so let me be brief you are fucked in the head
but I'm awaiting your reply cause you know I'm not dead

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