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Oxyana -

a buzzard rec from yesterday in the chat thread. it downloaded really quickly, so i just went ahead and watched it right then and there. BAM. wait, should this thread include documentaries? is this in line with the vision, the backbone of this thread? does anybody even remotely care? i sincerely doubt it, so gentlemen, let's get to it.

for those who don't know (i sure never heard of it up until yesterday), Oxyana is a documentary about the city, Oceana, a small town in west Virginia, which is suffering a major prescription drug epidemic (Oxycodone painkillers).

nice camera work and photography all around. i had a hard time making out a lot of what was being said, because ppl are high out of their minds and mumble in a heaaaavy southern drawl (namely one big ass bald guy who looks like Nimrod's Son and always sports a bandana or a backwards cap).

i usually didn't mind it though because i got the general idea, and the movie does such a good job at conveying the atmosphere of that place. it gets into your bones. profoundly depressing stuff. so sad to see real people that miserable and helpless. they all say pretty much the same thing: there's nothing to do around there, everyone's bored, and those drugs are literally everywhere. had we been in the same situation, a good percentage of us here at netpho would probably try it and get hooked before we even knew it. there is always so much to go by in the way of considering your luck in life both shitty, and fortunate. gah.

aaaanyway. some shots are just harrowing. people have no teeth there. i'm not sure whether that's the drug or not (why should painkillers addictions harm your teeth? ain't like smoking meth) but that's how it is. also - after speaking about the crazy death toll that the drug is responsible for (lots of kids around the age of 20), you see this drive by shot of the town's misty cemetery. really dark stuff.

the movie is centered around interviews with a lot of interesting characters, and completely broken vessels of human beings. i really liked how the director conducted joint interviews with a few couples, and just by focusing on their reactions to each other (usually the face onscreen is not the one you hear talking), it really makes you see past the interview itself. that was, also, depressing as fuck. there were at least two ladies there standing strong beside their man and supporting him, and he's a total fucking deadbeat loser and his disrespect consumes her, but she's still there.

it kinda bummed me out to read after watching the movie that the director said in some interview that it's "hillbilly culture" not to fear consequences for being depicted using drugs and engaging in illegal activities for his film. the movie itself appears sensitive and non judgmental, but that comment kind of rubbed me the wrong way and made it seem like this guy's all like "lol i made my movie, if they're gonna get booked it's cool cuz it's their own hillbilly fault".

anyway, the obvious conclusion is, seeing as i'm too old for NZ, i wouldn't mind fucking up my life with some oxy's. it's obviously great shit.

fairly recommended watch, if you're into that sort of thing.

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