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Half-Life, Spaniards and Long Goodbye are the 3 worst tracks on here.

Hightlights are The Processional, Aeronaut, Antietam, Archer...

Tracks 7-11 are all great, a solid run of songs, but the album really needs some variety and a couple of big-hitters in the first half and instead it has Spaniards. One of Billy's problems is he wastes tracks that could fulfill the lead single role... like surely some of the Day 4 Night, Cardinal Rule, Red Orange Black (for a welcome change of song length) could have gone on here... get Jimmy guesting on bongos on some tracks, a full-band Aeronaut or less-saccharine Tom Tom or even some of the Monuments tracks produced in this style and they could potentially have worked as "singles" to tentpole the album. Still think this is the right direction for Corgan - he really needs the other Pumpkins to diversify and filter his song choices and lyrics.

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