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Wow, thanks for the positive feedback guys! You never know what the reaction would be.

Originally Posted by he/she/it View Post
Cool idea!

I was thinking of posting something similar, for the technical aspects of the recording sessions, and I'd put together some details for that. Maybe you can merge them with your project?

I see that a lot of the stuff I have here is already in your wikia, though it's presented in a different context. The context for it in my text file is to categorize recording techniques.

BTW, on this page: http://smashing-pumpkins-recording-s...%27s_apartment

... the song titles for the quotes aren't provided (ex. "Billy Corgan"), whereas the song titles for the quotes about this recording session are provided (ex. Billy Corgan on "Starla"): http://smashing-pumpkins-recording-s...%93_Soundworks

Just a bit of format inconsistency between the pages. Also, that same inconsistency is present on some of the other pages.

Lots of recording technical details, and some song descriptions:

Machina era equipment and details:

Also, this:

I mostly haven't looked through it, myself, to see if there's a lot of good stuff there.

Here's some of the info I have for SD recording techniques.

BTW, let me know if you think this should be a separate thing. A wikia could be made detailing every aspect of Pumpkins tone, though I don't know if I'm up for making one.
Yep, I already have the Jeff & Butch Gearslutz interview in the Triclops Studios sessions. Thanks though. It's a cool read, although I reorganized a bit of it, grouping related answers together.

I already used the Signal to Noise article; it's split up into each album's proper recording session.

As for Soothe, I didn't directly specify Corgan was talking about Soothe, since I thought it was fairly obvious he was talking about Soothe and not F&B.

I would definitely recommend compiling your own chronology of the SP gear. That would definitely be it's own thing, as live gear used on touring really wasn't information I was looking to gather for my Recording Sessions, you know? It's a great idea though.

I am looking for the April 2000 Guitar World though, where they talk about recording Machina. That's the only specific relevant article that I remember reading long ago that I could not locate. I could only find an excerpt from it, but I specifilty remember the full article going in depth about how Flood would route the guitar signals, digitally process them, and route it back to ProTools mixed in with the "dry" mic'd guitar signal, which explains why the guitars sound so fucked on Machina.

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