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not really trying to do the meat is murder thing, but anyone who tries to say it's alright to kill an animal because it was raised in a pasture before its totally unnecessary slaughter is just trying to lend moral justification for something they know is unjustifiable. i'm more understanding of people who say "yeah, killing animals is shitty but meat is delicious". at least they're in touch with the real reason they eat meat.

if you had any respect for animals that you eat, you wouldn't kill them for the mere luxury of having a steak dinner. so they lived on a pasture. who gives a shit. you're complicit in the needless killing of a sentient being. this perspective is just plain lazy as fuck since buying organic/grass-fed/free-range/whatever meat literally requires no sacrifice on your part, yet you believe it entitles you to some level of sanctimony when it means literally fuck-all.

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