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Originally Posted by Sonic Johnny View Post
If you sincerely believe the reason that we don't live in a world where NOFX and bands like NOFX aren't selling out arenas twenty years after they started is because everybody but you would rather feel cool than listen to music they genuinely like, I am done with this argument because that is phenomenally stupid even by your standards.
nah not saying that all man... I just think the bloggers and social media are what make bands now a days. It's a new age man. And it's shitty that these fools have such an influence. It is what it is I guess.

Think of this: Would Mumford and Sons be the most popular current band if it wasn't for the internet masturbation fest around them? The internet whack-job surrounding them is definitely what broke them. Do you think that their music is just so great that the public would come around regardless because it's just that exceptional?

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