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Originally Posted by Sonic Johnny View Post
so what you're trying to tell me is that all these people just like whatever music they are told to like by blogs rather than the music they enjoy because...?
Sadly, that's generally how a lot of music fans act. Feels good for them to be in on the big hot thing

I don't get it, and this is a discussion for a whole other topic... but I meet people and talk music and I mention that my fave band is SP and they chuckle and say " yeah I had all of their CD's like 20 years ago" and I go oh, so you're a fan? And it's all "No I haven't listened to them probably in nearly 20 years"... So all of these SP fans at the time seemingly have no interest in the music later on in life... I don't think it's cause they "evolved" I think it's because they're not cool anymore.

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