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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
I'm not racist at all. I'm simply saying that there's some severe mental illness going on when you see white people who have never done a racist thing in their life feeling guilty about being white.
there is no such thing as a white person who has never done anything racist. BEING WHITE is predicated on the oppression of NON-WHITE people. It was SLAVERS who dreamed up the modern racial categories which are now reality. Your EXISTENCE as a white person with white person privileges is dependent on others being abused and discriminated against. We live in a culture trying to break away from white supremacy, and you are on the side of white supremacy.

Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
And don't be so reactionary about the North Korea thing. Trumps a master negotiator. Anyone with any political knowledge knows that these compromises and agreements work in ebbs and flows.
anyone with any political knowledge blah blah, yeah ok whatever dipshit. I'm sure the multiple people on this board who studied political science and international relations in college are being outsmarted by the guy who has read Duff McKagan's autobiography

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