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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
I have this theory that everyone has convinced themselves that hipster is like some sort of style identity or subculture but actually it's just lake the platonic ideal of generation y. generation y is very self-deprecating, and since the hipster is like the epitome of everything generation y stands for, everyone is terrified of being one.
one of the smartest things you've said this year

just recently with the "are you a hipster" quiz trending on facebook (I got 14/100 which everyone here should know means the test is completely flawed) i said "I'm pretty sure every single millennial falls somewhere on the hipster spectrum."

To be honest that's probably not entirely true, and i'm biased because i live in a hiptropolis, but I'd say the majority of them are somewhere on that. I think we all know kreatorkind and fuzzyroses and the like are deliberately anti-hipster as some kind of grungebaby social demonstration. But still it's almost as if they obsess over hipsterism so they can do the opposite, which is almost sadder than just going to Buffalo Exchange and buying the new Vampire Weekend record so you can fit in.

I think this generation is self loathing sometimes with the amount of OMGZ HIPSTAR stuff. I have this friend that's like ANTI HIPSTAR to the max and he's always picking up on hipster bands like the national and black keys like 5-10 years after he could have been listening to them in the first fucking place. Like that's what pisses me off the most about deliberate musical ignorance, is that eventually some of these bands are going to hit the mainstream and then suddenly it's okay for you to like them, but you just missed out on enjoying them at small venues or being there when the new album's just dumber than shit.

i think ultimately though you're right, we don't like our own reflection. basically being culturally self branded consumer whores. but that is indeed what we are.

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