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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
what I am saying regarding that reddit comment is, how is it "hitting the nail on the head" - that person is describing it as if Iha and Corgan had wititen this song - which is not true - for this reunion - which is also not true.

"remove half the argument and it's still spot on" - yea okay.

So Billy wrote the song. Yeah, the argument still stands, asshole.

Just imagine having a multi-millionaire who made all his money by doing nothing but playing in GUITAR-based bands for decades. This guy is writing a really important single to promote his (so-called) reunion of one of the most original bands of the 90s.

And all this guy can come up with are these beginner-type riffs. It's creative bankruptcy.
Oh so it wasn't exactly written for this reunion. Well it wasn't written with Jimmy's drums in mind either. Regardless, it's released for this reunion, so that is no doubt how it should be taken.

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