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agreed. It's very early, but right now is the most mobilized liberals have been in decades, which makes me feel pretty good (small victories). This country might be fucking stupid but there are still a lot of people who in the face of a real existential threat are ready to fight. The Dems need to clean house and purge the old guard... even now there are Democrats confirming Trump's nominees. Why? What could the point possibly be? They just don't get it. But hopefully we will see a major insurgency to oust these fucks in 2018 and replace them with our own version of the Tea Party. We need young people not only to vote, but to run for office. If Trump can be president, anyone can be an elected official. Seriously. You or I could possibly be state congresspeople. There is a real void of leadership right now except for Sanders, Warren, Booker and a few others, but even those people may be too old guard for what we need.
Guy just doesn't get it

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