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Originally Posted by Lucky Day Spa View Post
i don't know how to read this. you're resistant to change so you'd rather not bother with self-reflection?
I'm of Polynesian descent, the traditional diet includes regular intakes animal protein. Polynesians have consumed that diet for thousands of years and over that period I think it's likely that the survivors are the ones who were best adapted to it.

The wikipedia article you linked to lists a number of boutique grain products that have not been successfully commercially cultivated outside of their native environments, which is why places like Peru now grow huge amounts of a grain that was previously a staple, for export - they can barely afford to buy it, themselves. They eat imported junk. Rice is the same - the widespread cultivation of rice is a contributor to deforestation and has similar implications as it does for the Peruvians, for those who grow it as a cash crop.

Humans are mostly omnivores - and we've adapted to be omnivores because most environments it is the most sensible and sustainable diet, IMO. It doesn't make it the nicest diet, in terms of how we interact with our environment - but in terms of surviving as a group - I think it is the most sensible and sustainable diet.

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