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This is the best I can do to decypher:

I'll go under
If you go too
Ripped from the sun
Yet born anew

You make it so
You make it known
I'll pace the steps with you
Waiting on a teardrop to explode

Be thorn
Be hope
Be monsterous
Right there where you are

Take flight
Take fears
Say all good night now
Right from sleepy hour

Faith has its fun with it thorn
I speak of love
Impressed by the love
What lies beyond mere dates
We're far beyond, god waits

The angel strikes beast as any man
A pillory fire come out avenge
I scribed your tongue
I aim what's strong?
To rail against proof?
Twisting round that teardrop as it explodes

Deep flight
Take fear
Ex? slumber right from sleepy eye

Be thorn
Be hope
Be monsters
All as if there's no desire

I'm weep for love
And it's so real
Goodbye, dear one
I haven't given up
I'm just the archer for the sun
Where forever is undone

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