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Who is providing the session?

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I did not realize the way online dating, or at least tinder, changes the way you see people. It's total sensory overload. I've seen pictures of so many women sometimes I can't even tell if they are attractive to me or not. It's really weird. I read that people who have a smaller pool of prospective mates are more likely to be in happy, successful relationships than people with more choices.
as with everything else the age of internet has brought along, things got out of hand and what was once a novelty that had upsides (allowing shy people to overcome their social barriers) has become a monstrous alienating industry that essentially only pushes people further apart.

jeez i'm really in a bad mood lately, i need to stop venting. i mean i do get matches and chat with girls trying to make stuff happen and all that stuff, but it all feels very lonely to me. maybe it's because it's all the more searing considering i (sort of) recently came out of a very long serious relationship

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