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You may be onto something here, I don't know. I've always figured that Billy's ego got the better of him in that he just assumed that starting a new band with a somewhat different sound than the Pumpkins would translate to immediate record sales and renewed interest in him (not his band... HIM). But as these things tend to go, even though you're not exactly starting from scratch like a totally unknown band, your new stuff is always going to be a little divisive. If it sounds like your old band, then people will criticize you for that. If it sounds nothing like your old band, then people will say they long for your glory days. If it's somewhere in the middle, you're not going far enough one way or the other. It's just how these things go and Billy should have been prepared for that. If he had been, maybe he could have built on what he started with Zwan and eventually had a successful second band. It's kinda sad to listen to that album (which I love and I think is better than anything he's put out since) and wonder what might have been.

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