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Originally Posted by NovaFritz View Post
AND Rush
AND The Cure
AND Cheap Trick
AND 1930s pop music
AND Sisters of Mercy
AND Pink Floyd
AND Metallica
AND whatever narrative serves him at that moment
I get what you're saying, and your ultimate point, that Bolly takes an approach to his life's narrative that is domineering, dishonest, and suited to whatever the present moment might be, is definitely correct, but he can definitely be influenced by lots of music, and all at once, even when it isn't apparent to the listener's ear. That's kinda what made the Pumpkins stand out so much back in the day, I think. They were able to synthesize a lot of conflicting, often contradictory sounds, into something coherent that was "the pumpkins." SP would be better today if he let more influences come into the music and stop his tepid monomaniacal bullshit. Like SP2-onward kind of sounds like a band that was inspired by SP1 which is fucking stupid.

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