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Originally Posted by Razor Star View Post
Have you ever seen the clip of Blondie's inauguration? It is awkward as fuck. Old members literally pleading Debbie Harry to let them play.
I would love to see Shirley Manson not only introduce Blondie into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, but, someday, also the Smashing Pumpkins. Her fanlike passionate speech, her strong accent, her true assessment of the psychological chemistry of the band made the following acceptance speeches appear a highlight, better than Saturday Night Live.

“the members of Blondie also happen to be some of the loveliest, most self a facing people you could ever hope to meet. There’s no posturing, there’s no need for flash cars or flanks of body guards. When they turn up to play, there are no ridiculous demands, no outrageous riders, no blink, no flash, no ego. There’s just coolness and sweetness and integrity and grace. And that is what makes them so very precious, for they truly are a rare breed. They are great artists. But they’re also great people. Ladies and Gentleman, I take great pride in introducing you tonight the great incompatible Blondie!”

Clem Burke came up with his drum sticks to feel better speaking at so many people.

Chris Stein mumbled and thanked many people, but especially his former girlfriend Debbie Harry.

Jimmy Destri told, he had a lot of fun on the long road with the band, adding then a lot of bad things too.

Debbie thanked even the record companies and producers.

Gary Valentine reminded to have been on the first records and that a song from him brought the band their record contract.

And then Frank Infante pranked it all with an infantile, clumsy, even begging attempt towards Debbie and Chris to be part of the following live performance…

Nigel Harrison as the last speaker followed with a more elegant opinion on it:
“It’s nice to see everyone out of the court room. That’s the first positive thing. But I got to say, after you watched that footage of us tonight: I felt I was going to my own funeral. But it’s messed up for us, because we wanna play obviously. We were part of it. We were left to bleed, we were part of it, it sucks and welcome to Bingo Night!”

It might be understandable that Harrison and Infante were not invited by the rest of the group to play with them, as they had tried in 1997 at court to prevent to use the band name “Blondie” without them being band members.

But Jimmy Destri was one of the songwriters of the band, had even written their comeback hit “Maria”. He was forced to leave the band in 2004 for drug problems. Though he later told to be sober now, his attempts to rejoin the band failed.
They should at least have let him play at the Hall of Fame for his merits for the band. And for not suing…

Shirley Manson’s band Garbage played last year with Blondie as a double feature on an U.S. tour.

The Smashing Pumpkins should, as their last mentionable merit, top this performance. If they should ever land on the shores of Cleveland…

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